BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers a comprehensive package of BMW EfficientDynamics measures and technologies for more driving pleasure and less emissions.

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As soon as you select the ECO PRO Mode, everything is geared to maximum efficiency and, depending on your individual driving characteristics, it enables you to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, as determined by an internal BMW consumption study.

The accelerator pedal and gearbox parameters as well as shift points are all optimised and the heating/air-conditioning strategy is adapted intelligently. The control display shows you which BMW EfficientDynamics features are currently reducing fuel consumption. Situation-specific ECO PRO tips help you to drive more efficiently. Another ECO PRO feature is ECO PRO Route, which, in combination with the latest-generation Navigation System Professional, calculates the most efficient route on the basis of different parameters, including individual driving style, the current traffic situation or the road conditions. The Bonus range in the on-board computer shows you how many additional kilometres you can drive thanks to the ECO PRO Mode.

  • Coasting function

    The coasting function is a highlight of the ECO PRO Mode. If within a speed range of 50–160 km/h the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and does not brake, the system disconnects the engine and the car coasts – i.e. rolls without engine power.

  • Preview assist

    The preview assist, in conjunction with the Navigation System Professional, is an especially innovative highlight of ECO PRO Mode. Based on navigation data, it detects bends, built-up areas, roundabouts, T-junctions, speed limits and highway exits along the route and is able to give you tips in advance to enable you to reduce speed early on. The proactive driving assist also efficiently controls the coasting function.

  • ECO PRO Route

    ECO PRO Mode also includes ECO PRO Route which combines with the new generation of Navigation System Professional to draw on various parameters such as individual driving style as well as the current traffic situation and road conditions to calculate the most fuel-efficient route.

  • Active Cruise Control in ECO PRO Mode

    Active Cruise Control in ECO PRO Mode regulates the speed and brakes when needed, until the vehicle comes to a standstill. When the traffic situation has normalised, the vehicle is efficiently brought back to the desired speed.


The innovative design of the vehicle is systematically geared to the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy. In particular, the aerodynamically optimised front apron and the underbody impress with their innovative new features that reduce drag and fuel consumption.

Embodying the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy in a visible design feature is the front apron. The integrated Air Curtain guides the airstream along the front wheel housings via two vertical inlets. Once accelerated, the stream of air then forms a "curtain" around the outer sides of the wheels. These innovations reduce turbulence and drag, thus lowering fuel consumption.

The smooth underbody lining and the engine compartment screening are further details that enable a significant enhancement in aerodynamics. The new lining features not only bring a considerable gain in terms of aerodynamics, they also provide improved acoustic insulation and increased corrosion protection as practical benefits.


The Automatic Start/Stop function ensures that fuel is used only when your vehicle is on the move. When your vehicle is stationary the Automatic Start/Stop function makes use of the energy-saving potential and switches off the engine as soon as the vehicle is in neutral and you have taken your foot off the clutch (manual transmission) or when you have operated the brake until the vehicle is at a standstill (automatic transmission).

The info display indicates that the function is active. As soon as you put your foot on the clutch (manual transmission) or take your foot off the brake (automatic transmission), the engine restarts automatically in an instant, allowing you to continue your journey quickly and smoothly.

  • Safe and comfortable

    Your comfort and safety remain unimpaired as the function is not activated if the engine has not reached its optimum operating temperature, the interior climate is not as you desire, the battery charging status is too low or when you operate the steering. If desired, a central control element starts the engine even when your vehicle is at a standstill (for example if your vehicle has started rolling or if condensation has formed on the windscreen). The Automatic Start/Stop function can be deactivated at the push of a button at any time.


Each time you brake, kinetic energy is released which, until recently, has remained unused. Brake Energy Regeneration exploits this previously untapped potential by taking the energy produced whenever you brake or take your foot off the accelerator and converting it into electricity.

This energy is used to charge the battery. Thanks to this intelligent energy-management system, the alternator does not need to run permanently, which relieves strain on the generator. The result is lower fuel consumption and higher performance, just as BMW EfficientDynamics intended.


The 8-speed Automatic Transmission Steptronic enables much swifter gear shifts thanks to finely graduated gear ratios and short rev intervals. This ensures a combination of top-class comfort, lively dynamics and lower fuel consumption.

The 8-speed Automatic Transmission Steptronic guarantees not only smoother gear changes and lower noise levels at high speeds. It also significantly reduces fuel consumption. The individual gears are more finely graduated and the transmission process is almost imperceptible. At the same time, the engine remains at the performance level that allows it to make optimum use of its power and efficiency. At high speeds, the additional gears reduce the revs, which lead to a reduction in both fuel consumption and engine noise.

  • Predictive Drive Train

    Thanks to the 8-speed Automatic Transmission Steptronic from BMW EfficientDynamics, it is now possible to actively boost performance in vehicles with the new Predictive Drive Train via the Driving Experience Control. In "Sport" mode, the transmission management uses data from the navigation system to deliver a level of responsiveness that is even more dynamic and spontaneous based on route characteristics. As suggested by its name, the "Comfort" mode offers a comfort-oriented shift programme with fewer shifts.

  • 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic

    The 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic adapts to your individual way of driving, ranging from relaxed coasting to an extremely dynamic motoring style. In addition to the automatic gear changes, you can switch to manual transmission at any time, where you shift gears using a shortened gear change lever or via two paddle switches on the Sport steering wheel. In the Sport mode, gear shifts are designed for high performance and optimised acceleration. With the 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic, you achieve the best-possible efficiency and, at the same time, enjoy unbeatable gear shifts.