Comfort & functionality in the BMW X6.

Lean back and enjoy because in the BMW X6, there’s only one centre of attention - and that’s you. It begins with Comfort Access, the entry to the spacious and astonishingly functional interior. And continues seamlessly with options such as the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system or rear-seat entertainment Professional. Allowing you and your fellow passengers to enjoy each and every journey in complete relaxation.

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Thanks to its new Dirac Dimensions signal processing, the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system creates an open and lively atmosphere with exceptional acoustics.
The incredible sound is created by 16 loudspeakers with a 1,200 W output, including a centre speaker that automatically extends from the dashboard. The centre speaker is a mid-range speaker and is equipped with Acoustic Lens Technology, which ensures an even sound quality on all seats. The system offers the choice of two sound settings: “Studio” for flawless sound and “Expanded”, which creates the impression of a larger acoustic space. The audiovisual experience is rounded off with the illumination of individual loudspeakers.


The interior of the new BMW X6 not only impresses with exclusive materials and an exceptional design, but also provides ample space for all five occupants.
Visually an elegant two-seater, the rear seat can accommodate a third person if required. Numerous practical stowage possibilities are available in the entire vehicle, including large spaces in all doors and in the rear centre armrest as well as under the luggage compartment floor. The front centre armrest contains two large cup holders, which can be concealed by a roller cover. The doors can also accommodate bottles of up to 1.5 litres in size. Rear-seat passengers have access to two cup holders in the centre armrest.

  • 40:20:40 divisible rear seat backrest
  • Storage package


Innovative and easy to operate – the Comfort Access system makes it possible to open the vehicle doors and start the engine without having to actively use the car key.
The key, which may be in a trouser pocket or briefcase, is automatically recognised upon approaching the car. After the doors are automatically unlocked (including the tailgate), the engine can be started with the push of a button.

The Smart Opener and Smart Closer functions are included in the equipment package, for contactless opening of the tailgate. A brief motion of the foot beneath the rear bumper will automatically open or close the tailgate. Sensors installed at different heights on the rear bumper are used to detect the person trying to open the luggage compartment. Access authorisation is only granted when the system detects the presence of a person, as well as a signal indicating that they have the Comfort Access key with them. The system reliably avoids accidental activation by pets or objects. The package also includes vicinity lighting with illumination of the front and rear exterior door handles.


When someone wants to open the luggage compartment after a shopping spree, they usually have to awkwardly search for the key in their bags while standing in front of the car with their arms full. This becomes unnecessary with the innovative Comfort Access system.

In conjunction with the automatic tailgate operation, it enables contactless opening and closing of the tailgate. A quick, directed wave of the foot under the rear bumper allows the tailgate to be opened or closed via sensor.

It then unlocks and opens or shuts on its own. Sensors installed at different heights in the rear bumper detect the wave of the foot and open the luggage compartment. This innovative feature from BMW ConnectedDrive makes opening, loading and closing the luggage compartment more convenient. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.


The rear-seat entertainment Professional system offers the best possible entertainment options for passengers sitting in the rear thanks to two separate HD colour displays. The additional DVD drive in the rear makes it possible for passengers to view different films on each of the two 9.2" monitors.
They can also watch television programmes, surf the internet, access other online features (depending on the mobile phone contract), use an MP3 player or have fun with a game console. The sound is emitted via loudspeakers or headphones (including wireless). The rear-seat entertainment Professional system can be operated conveniently via remote control. Even passengers in the rear can access navigation functions (headphones not included in scope of supply).


The Multifunctional Instrument Display with black panel technology and a screen diagonal of 10.25" provides a highly impressive visualisation of the driving experience.
At the same time, it helps the driver to concentrate on the road ahead and prevents by displaying relevant information distraction. Three different modes and their specific characteristics, each of which have their own colour scheme and graphic style, can be displayed in the instrument cluster. They are Comfort, ECO PRO and Sport modes. While Comfort Mode largely retains the appearance familiar up to now, blue tones dominate the display in ECO PRO Mode, in which the new EfficientDynamics and Bonus Range displays aid the driver in achieving the most efficient driving style possible. Sport Mode, in contrast, is recognisable by its red colours, and includes performance information.

The Multifunctional Instrument Display also allows navigational information to be displayed, including tips from the Route-Ahead Assist, as well as lists from the entertainment and telephone functions.