Comfort in the BMW X5.

Driving pleasure is also a question of comfort. In the BMW X5, you can enjoy the utmost seating comfort and the very best entertainment at all times.

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Transporting heavy or bulky objects is no problem in the BMW X5. Thanks to a variety of practical and space-saving features there's loads of room for you and your luggage.
Both on the inside and on the outside, the BMW X5 is extremely versatile. For example, with the dual-section tailgate, the upper tailgate swings up high and allows smaller, lighter objects to be conveniently stowed and removed. The lower tailgate creates a platform flush with the load compartment floor when open, allowing luggage to be set down before being loaded.

The tow bar can not only bear a load of between 2.7 and 3.5 t (depending on the engine fitted), but also offers a high degree of safety. The trailer stability control system recognises when the trailer is swaying dangerously and activates the brakes of the towing vehicle and the trailer in order to restore stability quickly.

Versatility is just as prominent in the spacious interior, too. The rear seats can be folded down in a ratio of 40:20:40, ensuring that the space available can be maximised for passengers and luggage alike. Small objects can be accommodated in the optional storage package, which includes, among others, a storage net in the luggage compartment and a storage box under the luggage compartment floor.


The feel-good factor is guaranteed with comfort and functions in the BMW X5.


The feel-good factor is guaranteed with comfort and functions in the BMW X5.


Equipped with the new Dirac Dimensions signal processing system, the Bang & Olufsen High End Surround System provides a vibrant open space for the generation of a superb sound.
There are 16 speakers with a music output of 1,200 watts including an automatically extending centre speaker on the dashboard carrier. This speaker is a mid-range unit featuring Acoustic Lens Technology for consistent sound quality on all seats.

You can choose between two sound settings: "Studio" for a flawlessly authentic sound and "Expanded" for a subjective expansion of the acoustic space. The lighting scheme of individual speaker covers makes for an integrated audiovisual experience.


The optional Multifunctional Instrument Display with black panel technology and a screen diagonal of 10.25" provides a highly impressive visualisation of the driving experience.
At the same time, it helps the driver to concentrate on the road ahead by displaying relevant information and prevents distraction.
Three different modes and their specific characteristics, each of which have their own colour scheme and graphic style, can be displayed in the instrument cluster. They are Comfort, ECO PRO and Sport mode. While Comfort Mode largely retains the appearance familiar up to now, blue tones dominate the display in ECO PRO Mode, in which the new EfficientDynamics and Bonus Range displays aid the driver in achieving the most efficient driving style possible. Sport Mode, in contrast, is recognisable by its red colours, and includes performance information.
The Multifunctional Instrument Display also allows navigational information to be displayed, including tips from the Route-Ahead Assist, as well as lists from the entertainment and telephone functions.


Regardless of where you sit in the BMW X5, you’ll always be comfortable, thanks to the elevated seating position at the front and the seemingly unlimited flexibility at the rear.
The driver and front-seat passenger in the BMW X5 can enjoy not only the X-typical elevated seating position, but also the optional comfort seats. The upper backrest segment, backrest width, thigh support and headrest height can all be adjusted electrically in order to reduce tenseness and fatigue and to increase general seating comfort.

The rear seats can be folded down in 40:20:40 split, in accordance with how many passengers or luggage items need to be transported. Luggage space can be extended up to a generous 1,870 litres.

The comfort seats at the rear have particularly comfortable upholstery and offer a range of individual adjustments. For example, the backrest tilt angle of the two outer seats can be set to several different positions. The comfort seats can be shifted by 80 millimetres forwards and backwards in a 60:40 split. This allows knee and luggage space to be extended as required.

Even more flexibility is offered by the optional third row of seats, consisting of two individually foldable seats that face the direction of travel.


The very best entertainment.

In the rear seats of the BMW X5, the very best entertainment is guaranteed, however long the journey – with the aid of the optional rear-seat entertainment Professional.
This optional equipment comprises two separate 9.2" colour screens (tilt-adjustable) and a DVD drive. Depending on the equipment fitted, passengers can have remote-control functions for TV, radio, DVD changer, navigation (independent of the driver) and, with ConnectedDrive, the internet. Connections are available for MP3 players and games consoles. To prevent the driver being distracted by noises at the rear, it is also possible to connect wireless headphones.