BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps in the BMW X5.

Keep up to date even when you’re on the road. Thanks to the Services & Apps range in the BMW X5, your information-based needs are perfectly catered for while you’re driving.

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ConnectedDrive provides you with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features on the road.
These include BMW Online, which gives you access to current, localised information such as weather, news, online search and also office functions. It is also possible to put together individualised services such as webcams, parking information and travel or hotel guides.

This option also includes secure and unlimited access to smartphone apps such as BMW Connected.


Have you always wanted to know what if feels like to have your own personal butler? This is your opportunity. Enjoy a very special kind of service with BMW ConnectedDrive Concierge Services.
At the touch of a button, you are put through to our BMW Call Centre agents who are available to you as "personal assistants" while you are on the road.
Whether you are looking for a particular restaurant, the nearest ATM or an emergency pharmacy − the BMW Call Centre agent is there to help and can send address details directly to your navigation system if you wish. The agent can even place a reservation at a restaurant or book a hotel room for you. Concierge Services operate independently of your mobile phone and are available to you at home and abroad round the clock, seven days a week at no extra cost.
ConnectedDrive Services is required in order to use this function.


Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) provides you with the most up-to-date traffic information at all times. Precise details of the time and duration of hold-ups are relayed virtually in real time.
The data is drawn from such sources as movement profiles from the mobile phone network, the GPS data of vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports. This data is analysed so precisely that it is possible to localise traffic congestion to the nearest 500 metres. This enables RTTI to provide information in real time on the current traffic situation on highways, main roads, country roads and numerous urban routes, as well as recommending sound alternative routes.
Only available in conjunction with the optional equipment ConnectedDrive Services.


With Remote Services, various functions can be controlled via the My BMW App. It is also possible to transfer destinations directly from Online Search powered by Google™. The car's location can be shown within a radius of 1.5 km. It is possible to lock or unlock the car through the BMW Call Centre. In order to use the functions, you require ConnectedDrive services. You will also need to activate the service in the customer portal.


The intelligent emergency call permits fast, targeted assistance round-the-clock as well as support by trained staff − in your language even if you are abroad.
If a serious accident takes place involving activation of an airbag or the belt tensioners, an intelligent emergency call is automatically issued. Relevant details such as the exact position of the car, the severity of the accident and the possible risk of injury to occupants are transmitted to the BMW call centre via the car’s built-in SIM card, i.e. independently of a private mobile phone. The BMW call centre will inform the nearest rescue coordination centre and provide assistance the over the phone until the rescue services arrive.
The emergency call can also be triggered manually in case other road users require help, for example.


The Internet option enables users to access the World Wide Web at will. The iDrive controller functions as mouse and scroll wheel. Internet connectivity is via the customer’s mobile phone using Bluetooth*.
The default start page is the homepage of the country-specific Google site. The customer also has the choice of selecting the homepage of any other website as the default start page. For safety reasons the Control Display is switched off when the car reaches a speed of approximately 7 km/h.

* It is important to ensure that your mobile phone is BMW-approved for data communications (see All connection charges are borne by the customer.