Operating instructions and explanatory videos on using the BMW ConnectedDrive services.

What’s available and how does it work? We introduce you to the most important services & apps and systems and show you in a few steps all that you need to know in order to use the services.

BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps

BMW i ConnectedDrive Services

BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance

    • Navigation system Professional

      The Navigation system Professional offers drivers a design implemented completely in 3D combined with an innovative interface concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia.

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    • Rear View camera

      With the Rear View Camera, which shows every obstacle in exact detail on the Control Display, you can also see everything behind you at all times.

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    • Side View

      With Side View you can “peek round the corner” at difficult exits even while your view of the situation is obscured.

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    • Parking Assistant

      There’s no more relaxed way to park: your vehicle displays suitable parking spaces and, when the Parking Assistant switch is pressed, parks your BMW automatically into the spot selected.

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    • Speed Limit Info

      Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator shows you whether any speed restrictions apply or whether overtaking is currently prohibited.

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    • BMW Head-Up Display

      Current speed, collision warnings, Speed Limit Info or control messages: the BMW Head-Up Display projects all the data relevant to the journey into your field of vision.

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    • Dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant

      Travelling at night becomes much more relaxed. This is because when the High-Beam Assistant detects any vehicles ahead and oncoming traffic, it automatically dips the headlights and allows you to benefit from an especially effective continuous full beam.

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    • Lane Departure Warning

      The Lane Departure Warning registers lane markings and warns you as soon as you cross a marking to the left or right without indicating.

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    • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go

      This service adapts your speed when required and maintains a distance from the vehicle ahead. And if that vehicle brakes sharply, you first receive an optical and then an acoustic signal. If you don’t respond by braking, your BMW will react and brake for you.

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    • Lane Change Warning

      When another vehicle is approaching at high speed from behind or is in your blind spot, the Lane Change Warning helps you to appraise the situation correctly by issuing optical signals.

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    • Surround View

      This service ensures that you always have clear vision and can thus master tight parking spaces and difficult exits. Thanks to cameras in the exterior mirrors and a Rear View Camera, Surround View gives a 270-degree all-round panorama view.

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